Archive: Gifts Made in Loving Memory Prior to 2018

Tributes in the form of SGF summer camp scholarship donations received through the end of 2017 are listed below:

Gifts in memory made between 2011 and 2017:

Ada Aiello (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2017)All Pages

Carlos H. Baker (Brian A. Baker, 2017)

William Bamel (Jo-Anne Wyndham, and Bill, Sami and Jason Greenberg, 2011)

Ruth Bell (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2016)

Laura Bjorklund (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2016)

Dorothy Berman (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2013)

Rabbi Samuel Blacker (Jo-Anne Wyndham, and Bill, Sami and Jason Greenberg, 2011)

Valerie Blazinsk (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Marcis Braunfelds (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2014)

George LeRoy (Roy) Brewster (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2014)

Joyce Brisbois-Weiner (Jeff and Juith Wisnia, 2011)

Joan Broude (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2011)

Sylvia Brown (Jeff Kaufman and Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2017)

Emily Burten-Werksman (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2014)

Dorothy Buxbaum (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2011)

Rosario Cannistraro (Jeff and Juith Wisnia, 2012)

Shirley Chorney (Jeff and Juith Wisnia, 2014)

Sheila Christie (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2014)

Alvin J. Clark (Jo-Anne Wyndham, and Bill, Sami and Jason Greenberg, 2011)

Officer Sean Collier (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Barrie Conrod (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2012)

Reg Convery (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Milton Cunningham (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2013)

Peter D’Agostino (Jack Lamson and Jeff Lamson, Amanda Mahaffey, Karl and Martha Remsen, Ken and Nancy Remsen, 2014)

Alan Edward Daniels (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2017)

Jennifer Delaney (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2012)

Belle Dichter (Lillian Alpert, Leonora Chertoff, 2013)

Roberta Doherty (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2011)

Shirley Donaldson (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2015)

Mary Dunn (Olga Marsh, 2015)

Vito Fantin (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2011)

Barbara Feldstein (Bernard Feldstein, 2014)

David Fenton, Jr. (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2014)

David Fenton, Sr., Esq. (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2017)

Valory Findlay (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2012)

Alicia Foley (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Ovide Forcier (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2013)

Mary Foreman (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Eleanor Forman (Lillian Alpert, 2011)

Cleo N. Fredette, Jr. (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2015)

Thomas K. Gallagher (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2012)

Clara Geller (Lillian Alpert, Charlene Trenk, Molly Wilensky, 2017)

Mitzi Gilman (Lillian Alpert, Leonora Chertoff, 2016)

“Our Steve” (Al and Wendy Stettner, 2014)

In loving memory of Steve (Lillian Alpert, Allen and Susan Alpert, 2014)

“In loving memory of Steve. We love and miss you every day.” (Yael, Ben, Max and Cody Alpert, 2014, 2016)

In memory of Steve Glidden, Kayla Rosenberg, Gregory Chan and Melissa Leung on the 15th anniversary (Kerrie Gondola, 2016)

In loving memory of Steve (Gil Raviv, 2014)

In loving memory of Stevie (Ben and Yael Alpert, 2013)

In loving memory of Steve (Kathy and Barry Goldstein, 2012)

Steve Glidden in loving memory on the 11th anniversary of the tragedy (Lillian Alpert, Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2012)

In memory of Steve, Kayla, Greg & Melissa always and forever (Kathy Goldstein, 2012)

Steve Glidden (Mary Frigand and Bonnie Goldschlag, 2012)

Steve Glidden (Lillian Alpert, Debbie Lee, 2011)

In memory of Steve (Glidden) and Jordan (Weiss) (Sara and Marc Weiss, 2011)

Steve Glidden, in loving memory (Deborah Teman, 2010, 2011, 2012)

Steve Glidden (Ben and Yael Alpert, Meghan and Michael Guevara, 2017)

Steve Glidden on the occasion of the 16th yahrzeit (Ellen Stettner and Ron Kane, 2017)

“In loving memory always of Steve, Kayla, Greg, and Melissa” (Kathy and Barry Goldstein, 2017)

Steve Glidden: “We miss you Steve. All our love.” (Yael and Ben Alpert)

Steve and Jordan (Sara Weiss, 2011)

Mindy Goldberg (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2017)

Edmund Goodhue (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2015)

Rich Goyuk (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2017)

Charles H. Griffith (Judith and Jeff Wisnia, 2017)

Linda Grilli (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2012)

Carolyn Harvey (Jeff and Judth Wisnia, 2013)

Bruce Hauptman, MD (Jeff and Judth Wisnia, 2017)

Sou Wai Ho (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2012)

Butch Hutchins (Elaine Alpert, 2014)

Anita Israel (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Claire Johnson (Jeff and Judth Wisnia, 2011)

Constance M. (Zopatti) Johnson (Evelyn Amrhein and her son Nick, and Ethel Lambros, 2011)

Matile Kagan (Marcy Kagan, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Miriam (Mitzi) Kane (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2011; Lillian Alpert, 2011)

Yvette Kaplan (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2017)

Sylvia Kaufman (Jeff Kaufman and Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2017)

Doug Kendall (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2015)

Judith Townsend Kendall (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2015)

Richard Kiszka (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2013)

Mollie Krems (Bill Greenberg, Jo-Anne Wyndham, Sami Greenberg, and Jason Greenberg, 2011)

Samuel F. Lanckton (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2015)

Bill Lederer (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2011)

June E. Lee of Palo Alto, CA (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2014)

Dyna Ura Wisnia Levin (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Jack Levin (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Alan Levine (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jason Greenberg, 2012)

Harold Levitan (Jeffrey Kaufman, Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Lois Libenson (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2012)

Philip Luchner (Jeff Kaufman and Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2017)

Abby Maizel (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, Amy Maizel Seeherman and Leslie Brody, 2017)

John Mara (Elaine Alpert, 2014)

Gail Marks (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2011)

Coleen Marquis (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2012)

Lynne Martignetti (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2016)

John McGovern, a wonderful friend and counselor at Camp Winona (Kent and Jane Howard, 2017)

Mary C. Doherty (Nana) McLaughlin (Evelyn Amrhein; Jack Mikels and Michael Wirtz, Jack Mikels & Associates, LLP, 2011)

Sam Meehan (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2016)

James Michel (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2012)

Charles Moran (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2014)

David Mortenson (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2017)

Mark Mucha (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Anna N. (Kolenda) Narciso (Evelyn Amrhein and her son Nick; Jack and Rochelle Mikels, 2011)

James Harold O’Haverty (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Oliver, the beloved Durkin-Landry family dog (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2012)

Daniel Olsten (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Alan (Uncle Al) Ordway (Brian A. Baker, 2017)

Kathleen Ostry (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2012)

Ann Marie Pace (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2013)

Albert Pare (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2012)

Erica V. C. Perez (Jo-Anne Wyndham. 2012)

John Michael Redmon (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2014)

Anita Redner (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2014)

Valerie Ricciardone (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2016)

Sylvia J. Riese (Deborah and Joel Litvin, 2013)

Peter Romagna (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Robert Romagna (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Morton Rosenstein (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2017)

Michael Saunders (Leonora Chertoff, 2016)

Jeff Savastano’s mother (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Morton Saxe (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2017)

Peter Scully (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2016)

Charlotte Sherr (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2013)

Kathleen Smith (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2012)

Leslie Smith (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2011)

Uncle Jack Z. Stettner (Allen and Susan Alpert, Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2016)

Donald Stewart, Jr (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2014)

Robert Stone (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2017)

Arthur Strell (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2012)

Dr. Bagrat Tayiryan (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2015)

Ida Talish (Lillian Alpert, Leonora Chertoff, 2012)

Theresa Tigges (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2014)

Sybil Tonkonogy (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2011)

Pearl Torontow (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Joe Trenk (Lillian Alpert; Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2012)

Elizabeth “Betty” Tura (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2017)

George Ulrich (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2016)

Frank Vozella Jr. (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2015)

Ben Walker (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Jean Warren (Olga Marsh, 2017)

Liza Weltman (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2013)

Morton Winston (Jo-Anne Wyndham and Jeff Kaufman, 2017)

Frances Wisnia (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2011)

Sylvia Wyndham (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2014)

Adela Yablon (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2012)

Xiaoyin Zhou (Olga Marsh, 2015)


Gifts in memory made between 2001 and 2010:

Samuel Abramson (Bill Greenberg, 2009)

Zarmen Alemian (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Agi Alpert (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Pat Alpert (Lillian Alpert, Elaine Alpert)

Beatrice Amrhein – “Nana Bea” (Evelyn and Nick Amrhein)

George F. (Gidge) Amrhein (Evelyn and Nick Amrhein)

Christopher Alex (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Carl Apstein an amazing physician and teacher (Elaine Alpert)

Helen Atlas (Lillian Alpert)

Gerta Bagriansky, age 100 (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Estelle Barnett, age 102 (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Elana Bell, age 19 (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Saul Bellow, age 89 (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Howard Bennett’s mother (Raelin Kantor)

Kathy Berman (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Molly Bish, age 16

In memory of Virginia Bisnaw’s 10-year anniversary Mass (Evelyn Amrhein, 2010)

Diane Bleignier, age 67 (Evelyn Amrhein)

Elaine C. Block (Jo-Anne Wyndham, Bill Greenberg and family)

Doug Bolster, age 17 (Betsy Burke)

Patsy Bowers

Paul Bragar (Kathy and Barry Goldstein)

Ida Braverman, age 90

Charlie Briggs (Herbert Holder)

Denise Bruce (Bill Marsh and Elaine Alpert, 2010)

Dave Brunell (Lillian Alpert)

Estelle Buckley (Jeff and Judith Wisnia, 2009)

Norman Burnell, age 91 (Lillian Alpert)

Mary Caffray (Mark Aronson)

James Calvo (“Baby Jimmy”) (Betty Ruth and family, 2010)

Michael Carlin (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Dana Carpender’s dad (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Alice Chambliss

Greg Chan

Chloe Checkoway, age 11

Phil Chertoff (Lillian Alpert, Elaine Alpert, Shirley and Andy Bernhard)

Chickenhawk (Amanda Mahaffey)

Evelyn Clark (Elaine Alpert)

Alan Cohen (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Dave Cohen, age 86 (Evelyn Amrhein)

Rose Cohen (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Laura Cornwall (“Aunt Laura”) (Bill Marsh and Elaine Alpert, Diane Nepton, 2010)

David Cotton (Jeff and Judy Wisnia, 2010)

William Creary (Lillian Alpert, 2009)

Benny and Ray Crespi (Evelyn Amrhein)

Lee Crockett’s dad (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Dorothy DeJong (Elaine Alpert)

Manny DelValle, FDNY, who gave his life saving others on 9/11/2001

Selma Dennis (Lillian Alpert, Miriam Fishman)

Paul Dichter (Lillian Alpert, 2010)

Gloria Lee Donovan (Michael Donovan, 2010)

Daniel Jacob Hornstein Dwyer, age 25 (Jo-Anne Wyndham, 2009)

Cpl. Ainsworth Dyer

Irwin Dolkart (Lillian Alpert)

Jerry Eilberg (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Carl Emery (Jonathan Trambert and Dovelet Shashou)

Anthony Fernandez, age 16

Leonard Fisher (Jo-Anne Wyndham and family, 2010)

Miriam Fishman, age 90 (Lillian Alpert, Charlotte Skolnick)

Ida Friedman, age 92 (Lillian Alpert)

Bella Frutkin (Lillian Alpert, Elaine Alpert, 2010)

Dr. Hyman M. Frutkin (Bella Frutkin, 2008, 2009)

Morrison Gardner (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Peggy Garland (Jeff and Judy Wisnia, 2009)

In memory of Stevie (Caren Cummings and Jerry Cohen)

Steve Glidden, in loving memory (Michele Droga, 2009)

Steve Glidden, in loving memory on the 8th anniversary of the tragedy (Lillian Alpert, Myrna and Paul Fruitt, Ellen Stettner and Ron Kane, Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2009)

Steve Glidden, in loving memory on the 9th anniversary of the tragedy (Evelyn Amrhein; Ellen Stettner, 2010)

Steve Glidden’s 16th birthday, in memory (Thomas Hecht and Susan Korrick)

Steve Glidden, in loving memory on the 6th anniversary of the tragedy (Allen and Susan Alpert; The Sharpe-Bellush family; Jim Collins and Mary McNaughton Collins; Nellie Gargarita; Gil, Joy and Emmy Raviv; Alan Sherr and Laura Bjorklund; Cantor Ellen Stettner, and many others)

Steve Glidden in memory on what should have been his 19th birthday (Susan Korrick and Thomas Hecht, and also Grandma Lilly)

Steve, Kayla, Greg and Melissa (Kathy and Barry Goldstein, Ruby and Jerry Davis, the Sharpe-Bellush family, and many others)

Mitchell Goldbloom (Jo-Anne Wyndham and family, 2009)

Ruth Greenfield (Lillian Alpert, 2010)

Evelyn Goldenberg (Lillian Alpert)

Miriam Neiman Goldberg (“Nana”), age 87 (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Ralph Goldman, cousin of Jo-Anne Wyndham (Jo-Anne Wyndham, Bill Greenberg and family)

Lilibeth Gomez, age 9 in a school bus crash Arlington VA, April 2005 (Elaine Alpert)

Cheryl Gould

Nicholas Grass, age 19

Alfred Gray (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Pte. Richard Green

Neil Grossman

Dan Heller, who was Steve’s beloved pediatrician (Elaine Alpert)

Christopher Hentchel, age 18 (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Meryl Herman (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Martin M. Higgins (Kathleen Berube, 2009, 2010 recurring donation)

Jaime, who left us way too early

Catherine Johnson

Matile and Isidore Kagan (Marcy Kagan and Judy Gelfand, 2010)

Jeremy Kane, killed in action in Afghanistan (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, 2010)

Sid Kaplan (Lillian Alpert)

Louis Chris Ketcios (Jeff and Judy Wisnia, 2010)

Clara Kirsner (Jeff and Judy Wisnia, 2010)

Ibraheem Khan, age 79 (Elaine Alpert)

Richard Kieran

Elinor Kennis (Raelin Kantor)

Anthony Iudica

Irene Lee

Sgt. Marc D. Leger

Albert Lemelin (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Marjorie R. Leonard

Melissa Leung

Helen Levine (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh Leonora Chertoff, 2010)

Mae Levine (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, Lillian Alpert – Mae’s sister, Leonora Chertoff, Rose Levine, Charlotte Saft, Molly Wilensky, Florence Rothstein)

Paul R. Levine, age 82

Lillian Levy (Lillian Alpert)

Tom Lingel, age 50

Ida Linkin

June Locastro (Jeff and Judy Wisnia, 2009)

Baby Luke Hobson Louis

Grandpa Eugene Lutack (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Joseph Patrick Lynch (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Zane and George Malandruccolo, twin angels, at birth (Evelyn and Nick Amrhein)

Harry Maizel (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Willian S. Marsh, Sr., age 89 (multiple people)

Catherine Murphy McCormick and John R. McCormick (Susan McCormick Hadley, 2009, 2010)

Mimi (“Pooka”) McCoy Nicholson (Elaine Alpert, Lynda Dautenhahn, 2010)

Paul Miller (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Rick Mooney

Bonnie Moran, age 58

Dr. Mark Moskowitz

Patrick Murphy, age 17 (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Grandma Barbara Nash (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Frank Nelson, father of Rochelle Mikels (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Myles M. Nurenberg

Dorothy O’Shea (Betsy Burke and Danelle Fields)

Chrstopher Polci, age 16 (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Ralph Potter (Jeff and Judith Wisnia)

Adrian J. Provencher (Jeff and Judith Wisnia)

Joan Powers (Pat and Jim Pransky)

Dorothy Preble, age 100

Angelina Ricciardone (Jeff and Judith Wisnia)

Lydia Wiggins Rich

Dr. Douglas Richardson

Harry Robbin (Elaine Alpert)

John Rose (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Ruth Rosen (Lillian Alpert, Elaine Alpert)

Minna Rosenblatt (Lillian Alpert, Leonora Chertoff)

Samantha Rose Rotman, age 9 (Jeff and Judith Wisnia)

Kayla Rosenberg

Ruby (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Albert N. Russo (Jo-Anne Wyndham and family, 2010)

Joe Sagal (Lillian Alpert, Charlotte Saft, Molly Wilensky)

Constance Samolous (Jeff and Judith Wisnia)

Fred Schaty (Bill Greenberg and family)

Linda Saltzman (Elaine Alpert)

Leo Savage (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Joseph Schnitman (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Evelyn Sedley (Jo-Anne Wyndham and family, 2010)

Donna Selger (Jeff and Judy Wisnia, 2010)

Vera Shaw (Marsha Gorman and Beatrice Fox)

Simon Sherr (Alan Sherr)

Ruth Willner Siegel (Mike Siegel and Rebecca Sherman)

Rosaria Simas (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Pte. Nathan Smith

Seth Soroka (Jo-Anne Wyndham and family)

Dr. Edward Spatz

Robert Sperling (Lillian Alpert, 2010)

Lee Steiner

Dorothy Warm Stettner (Charlotte Saft, Ellen Stettner, Jack Stettner, Molly Wilensky, 2009)

Ralph Stickels (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Hymie Stoller (Jo-Anne Wyndham and family)

Beth Tarr (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Jeanne M. Thiel (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Rose Trigaboff (Lillian Alpert 2009)

Joel Uchenick, SGF Trustee (Rob Anthony, Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh)

Seymour Norman Wasserman (Alan Sherr and Laura Bjorklund, 2009)

Esther Weinberg, age 92 (Lillian Alpert)

Jordan Bennett Weiss, age 9

Cornelius Wingle (Jeff and Judy Wisnia, 2009)

Marian Wisnia (Jeff and Judith Wisnia)

Uncle Mo Wisnia

Rosalie Wolf

Marjorie Wolfman, age 93 (Lillian Alpert)

Sylvia Wyndham (Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh, Kathy and Robert Bernstein, Mary Callahan, Gillian Capuccio, Susan Jones and Howard Levine, Debbie Kadaner, Carol and Kenneth Krems, Amy Schneider and Edward Sciore, Michael White, the Wyndham and Greenberg family, 2009)

Alex Young, age 18 (Jeff and Judy Wisnia)

Michael Zalkin, age 13 (Sharon Kirsch)

Richard Zises