Poem by Danielle Jakob

Danielle Jakob and Steve Glidden were close friends. Danielle composed this poem, along with the messages connected to it.


This poem was written in honor of Steve Glidden, a courageous, kind, loving and upbeat kid who passed away in the terrible, tragic bus crash of April 27, 2001

By Danielle Jakob, a very close friend of Steve. May he rest in peace.


I can’t believe this is happening,

I can’t believe it’s true,

Four kids killed in an accident,

One of them was you.


Why did it have to be you, Steve?,

We were just becoming best friends,

Wherever you are right now,

You’ll stay in my heart until the end.


It’s so different without you,

You were so sincere and sweet,

I remember all our times together,

Memories, I will keep.


Your hair was totally awesome,

Exactly the same with your smile,

I loved dancing swing and IM-ing,

And hanging out with you a while.


You didn’t deserve to leave forever,

Kayla, Greg, Melissa, too,

But I’d bet you’d be happy to hear,

How so many of us cared so much about you.


Since G-d has taken you away,

The world has not been complete,

And you know I miss you terribly,

But I’m glad we got a chance to meet.


Now as I am grieving and crying,

I realize that this is real,

Nothing anyone says or does,

Can ease the horrible pain I feel.


It’s so hard to go through with this,

Everyone says life goes on,

But what they don’t seem to understand,

Is that a person I loved is gone.


Steve – Although you may be gone physically, thoughts of you still remain in my mind. Thanks for being so wonderful. I love you so much.