Three Poems by Kamellia Keo

Kamellia Keo and Steve Glidden were close friends.  She wrote all three of these poems in the wake of the tragedy in honor of all the friends she lost.

All Alone

The world turns black

the lights turn out

heaven’s lights dim

For a moment

just a moment

rivers are cried

for you

Why oh why must this happen

to me, my friends, the world

So we ask


Why must heaven steal four lives from us

steal four pieces from my heart

leave an empty space in my soul


Just knowing we’ll now be apart

I’ve cried a thousand tears

I’ve said a thousand words

I’ve made a thousand prayers

Tears you cannot see

Words you cannot hear

Prayers are wasted

Whatever I do or say

will never bring you back


Heaven is supposed to be a happy place

Why must it steal great lives from us

as they wait at the gates?


I’m alone

all by myself

I cry

no one sees

I speak

no one hears

My one greatest fear has come true

Why, oh why?


If heaven’s so great

why must it steal

a child’s most prized possession?

Is this it?

Is that heaven’s confession?



Is it Heaven?

All alone, all alone

I sit in my room to cry

Why did you have to go?

Why oh why?

My world is crumbling

I don’t know what to do

My bright and happy days with you

have gone black and blue


They say, “Just close my eyes

and just try, try

to bring myself to you.”

That’s what I do

So in my dreams you’re there

Everywhere I turn

Everywhere I look

But my heart still burns

for you


I’ve always wondered what heaven was like

but as I ponder

days with you

dreams with you

Is heaven


To be in heaven

I just close my eyes

and think of you

Your smiling faces

remind me how special you are

So in my dreams

you’re everywhere I look

everywhere I turn

But my heart still burns


In heaven

the air is clear

the rivers flow to the sea

At heaven’s gates

you await me


In heaven

there’s only you and me


I know

Because in my dreams

I’m with you

And that’s enough heaven for me



Days Go By

Every time I close my eyes
you are there
Every time I open my eyes
you’re gone, nowhere
I’m so alone
so away from you
I cry every night
even in my sleep
just waiting for you

Days go by
and you’re still not here
you left me unexpected
lost in the cold
all alone
What am I to do?
cuz’ nothing I say
nothing I do
will bring you back to me

Why…can’t I understand
Why…can’t I see
life goes on
but not for long

and Days go by
you’re still not here
you left me
lost in the cold
all alone

I’ll count the stars for you
I’ll grab a cow and jump to the moon
grow you a forest if you ask for a garden
cry you an ocean if you ask for a lake
It’s not easy but for you, it’s a piece of cake

Monday to Sunday,
Seven days a week
in the dark tears begin to leak
I’ll climb the highest mountain
swim across the seas
for you I’ll even eat a tree
just for one day
or even an hour
I just want you here
in my arms
here beside me
here for me to hold

Days go by
you’re still not here
you left me unexpected
in the cold
in the dark
all alone