Happy Event and Special Occasion Gifts, 2017 to Present

December 2018:  Lillian Alpert turned 101 on December 17, 2018!!!

SGF Trustee (and Steve’s grandmother) Lillian Alpert is now a very healthy 101 years old! We thank the following people for honoring her birthday with gifts to SGF:

  • Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh
  • Jesse Math and Cat Toren
  • Rosie Math and Grant Jackson
  • Carole and Rick Saccullo
  • Ellen Stettner and Ron Kane
  • Scott and Kitty Stettner
  • Charlene Trenk

Thanks so much! Keep on keepin on, Lil!


May 2018:  Leonora Chertoff turned 95 on May 25, 2018!!!

Young Leonora Chertoff has been SGF Trustee Lillian Alpert’s best friend for over seven decades – now that’s impressive!  Although gifts were not requested for Leonora’s party, a number of guests decided, quite on their own, to make donations to SGF in Leonora’s honor. These folks are listed below, in alphabetical order by last name:

  • Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh
  • Lillian Alpert
  • Shirley Salshutz
  • Charlene Trenk
  • Molly Wilensky

Happy Birthday, Leonora!


December 2017:  Lillian Alpert turned 100 on December 17, 2017!!!

SGF Trustee (and Steve’s grandmother) Lillian Alpert celebrated her 100th birthday on December 17, 2017! She partied in style with family and friends during the “Party of the Century” in Great Neck, NY. In lieu of physical presents, Lil has asked people to make a donation to SGF (or to a different charity if they prefer) in her honor. Thus far, generous donations to SGF have been made by the following people (listed in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Marylene Altieri and Keith Glavash
  • Sydelle Cantor
  • Jane Chertoff and Dan Sweeney
  • Jeffrey Chertoff and Lynda Van Damm
  • Leonora Chertoff
  • June Diamond
  • Brian Harris
  • Pauline Kravetz
  • Mickey and Diane Levine
  • Anna Liu and Philip Mah
  • Olga Marsh
  • Elaine Moss
  • Florence Rothstein
  • Carole Saccullo
  • Shirley Salshutz
  • Alan Sherr
  • Ellen Stettner and Ron Kane
  • Deborah Teman and Lawrence Kulla
  • Charlene Trenk
  • Eileen Ward
  • Molly Wilensky
  • Judith and Jeff Wisnia

Bill and Elaine have chosen to match the accumulated donations bringing Lil’s “century total” thus far to $5,250!!

Thanks so much! Keep on keepin on, Lil!


May 2017: Anna Kaplan and her parents Do it Again!

Anna Kaplan (as well as her sister Eleanor) have been asking that whatever money friends and their families would be spending on birthday gifts for them be instead directed to SGF. Anna just had a birthday, which has provided enough funds to send a child to camp for almost an entire week. Thanks, Anna!