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SGF takes your money, your time, and your privacy very seriously! As you may know, we have no paid staff, very minimal expenses, and a portfolio of wise investments. As a result, we are proud to say that every dollar donated yields approximately $1.04 that goes towards endowing the summer camp scholarship program.

One of the many ways we save money is by communicating by e-mail, rather than by postal mail. We send out periodic (and infrequent) e-mail news updates, letting people know about camp scholarship recipients, volunteer opportunities, accomplishments and other news. We would gladly add your email address to the SGF subscriber list, and in return we promise to keep you updated without deluging you with e-mail. We also promise to refrain from sending large attachments or other items that would clog your inbox. Most importantly, we promise to never, ever share, give or sell any of your contact information to anyone else, at any time, ever, without your express permission. We hate spam too, so we intend to treat everyone as we ourselves would want to be treated.

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