2018 Summer Camp Scholarships – Final Numbers

Holy guacamole, we’ve been busy – and we are FINALLY done for the 2018 season. We’ve set new records in each and every category, which has certainly stretched our budget to the max (but we’d do this again in a heartbeat).

Our trusted domestic violence, child protection, and homeless outreach partners have reached out rather extensively on behalf of children in their care for summer camp scholarships for the 2018 season.  For the 2018 camp season, SGF has approved $123,694.07 in scholarship funding (our highest number ever – by far), to enable 76 children to attend 364.5 weeks of camp (115.5 weeks of which will be to overnight camp), at 30 different camps.

To recap the summer of 2017, we awarded a total of $95,416 in camp scholarships, enabling 65 children to attend 333.5 weeks of camp at 14 different camps, 79 weeks of which are for overnight camp. THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible!