Amazon Smile Final Update

SGF was a participating charity in the Amazon Smile program since the program began in mid-2014. Although not a huge contributor to SGF’s revenue, every penny raised helped provide summer camp scholarships for the wonderful kids we serve. Amazon made the decision to end the Smile program and has now made its final disbursement to SGF.

SGF $148.94  from Amazon Smile in June, 2023, growing the total and final amount raised since we joined this program to $3,212.21 (which made us and the kids we serve smile :)).

Please keep in mind that SGF never knew who shopped n Amazon, or what they purchased (so we were not able to thank anyone individually). SGF just received a transfer into its bank account on a quarterly basis and we have to trust Amazon that they handled Smile disbursements correctly.

Thank you to all who designated SGF as it’s target charity for Amazon purchases. It was good while it lasted!