Circle of Remembrance Recap – April 27, 2019

Saturday April 27, 2019 marked the 18th anniversary of the bus tragedy that took the lives of four Oak Hill Middle School students: Greg Chan, Kayla Rosenberg, Melissa Leung, and Steve Glidden.  As we have done each year, a Circle of Remembrance took place on April 27 at 6 pm, in front of Oak Hill Middle School. Despite the cold and windy weather, about 50 community members attended, including Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and former Mayor David Cohen, both of whom offered touching, eloquent remarks. Also present were representatives of one of the summer camps SGF funds, several vibrant young adults who were friends with Steve, Melissa, Kayla, and Greg, and a number of former teachers, neighbors and other supporters from near and far.

In addition to remembrances offered for Steve, Kayla, Melissa and Greg, many others in Newton and beyond have lost family and friends at other times and in other tragedies. The “Circle of Remembrance” was a time to remember them as well, in the company of those who care. Special remembrances were made in memory of all victims of gun violence including those who perished in hate-based mass shootings in Sri Lanka, Christchurch NZ, Parkland FL, Pittsburgh PA, and only earlier that day, near San Diego CA.

We invite you to download and print your own personal copy of the We Remember booklet.