Poems and Writings

Many people have been moved to tears as a result of the tragedy that took Steve, Kayla, Greg and Melissa from us in April 2001. Others have been moved to action – witness the progress we have made thus far with the work of the Steve Glidden Foundation. A few people have composed original works of prose or poetry, or have collected poignant messages written by others.

Family, friends, teachers and neighbors of every young person who is lost to us feel the raw emotions of loss and longing, question the meaning and purpose of life, and ponder what may be beyond that we cannot perceive. The ability of young people, in particular, to express themselves in poetry, prose and art is extraordinary.

We are proud to share these gifts with you. Please click on the links to read the individual works, which are organized alphabetically by author or poet.

Speech by Jonathan Coravos, SGF Kid Corps member and friend of Steve’s

The Dash, original poem by Linda Ellis

Poem by Danielle Jakob, SGF Kid Corps member and friend of Steve’s

Poetry by Kamellia Keo, SGF Kid Corps member and friend of Steve’s